Model Number:  FS-10

Brondell FreshSpa FS-10 Easy Bidet Attachment

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The FreshSpa easy bidet toilet attachment is a simple and inexpensive way to convert your existing toilet into a hygienic bidet in minutes. Why go back to dry, irritating toilet paper or expensive baby wipes when you can use the FreshSpa easy bidet?

The FreshSpa easy bidet provides personalized wash settings for maximumcomfort. The easy-to-use controls allow for adjustable water pressure - from a gentle wash to a concentrated stream - while the wash nozzle has 3 separate angled positions ensuring accurate coverage for all types of users.

The following items are included:

    FreshSpa easy bidet toilet attachment.7/8" Brass T-valve to connect to your toilet water supply. Braided flexible PVC hose to connect to the bidet & T-Valve. Rubber O-rings for all metal connections. Owner's manual with installation instructions.
    Hygienic retractable nozzle. Self-cleaning nozzle feature. Ambient temperature bidet wash. Nozzle positioning (3 settings). Adjustable water pressure. All-brass internal valve (the competition uses plastic). All-brass 7/8" T-valve (the competition uses plastic). High-quality braided metal hose (the competition uses plastic tubing). Antibacterial ABS material with full body panel. No electricity or batteries required. Easy installation and adjustable toilet fit. All accessories included for standard installation.


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