Stage 1

COMPOSITE PLUS FILTER (HF-31): This two-step filter reduces particulate materials such as sand, rust, and fine particles from the water supply. This first filter also acts as a pre-filter protecting the 2 following filters. Recommended replacement every six months.

Stage 2

NANOTRAP FILTER (HF-32): This specialized, patented, and innovative nanotechnology filter is made with 100% USA-sourced materials (including nano alumina & cellulose fibers with a pore size of 2 microns that reduce turbidity, harmful waterborne microorganisms (including many bacteria and viruses), as well as numerous particulates. Recommended replacement is every 12 months.

Stage 3

CARBON BLOCK FILTER (HF-33): As the final stage in the filtration process, the carbon block filter further reduces particulates, bad tastes and odors, and water contaminants such as chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), improving the taste of the dispensed water. Recommended replacement is every six months.

Model Number:  H630CP

Brondell H630 Cypress 3-stage H2O+ Water Filtration System (Case Pack of 4)

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Case Pack of 4 Units

The three-stage Cypress water filtration system utilizes three separate advanced water filters, dramatically reducing industrial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, turbidity, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), microorganisms, and bad tastes and odors. Reduce harmful chemicals like atrazine; chlorobenzene; trihalomethanes; methoxychlor; endrin; 2,4-D; benzene; DBCP and aesthetic chlorine from your tap water for a healthier home and family.

The H2O+ Cypress installs in under 10 minutes with the provided faucet diverter and fits 99% of home faucets. Alternatively, you can install the water connection under your sink with an available T-valve (sold separately). In about the same time and ease as changing a light bulb, you can have continuous refreshing filtered water at the push of a button, making this the fastest, easiest, and most elegant high-quality filtration system available.

Powerful three-stage filtration with patented Nanotrap technology. Triple-filter system delivers high quality filtration usually found only in more complex under-counter systems. Elegant slim profile countertop design. Continuous filtered water. Ergonomic push-button control for dispensing water. Quick and easy filter replacement. Fits 99% of standard kitchen faucets with provided adapters. Standard DIY installation in less than 10 minutes. Certified for NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, and 372. Tested and certified by WQA (Water Quality Association).


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