Model Number:  L60-EW

Brondell L60-EW LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat Elongated White

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Say goodbye to freezing cold toilet seats and glaring overhead lights during those midnight trips to the bathroom.

The LumaWarm heated nightlight toilet seat offers the luxury and comfort of a heated seat - with the added convenience of an illuminating LED nightlight. There is nothing more jarring than turning on the bathroom light in the middle of the night only to sit down on a freezing cold toilet seat. With the LumaWarm, you will be guided by the soft illuminating glow of the blue nightlight and comforted by the soothing, heated seat (set to your personal temperature preference, of course). With 4 temperature setting options (off-low-med-high), the LumaWarm is comfortable all year round.

The elegant built-in illuminating nightlight has a simple "on/off" button and a blue LED light bulb that is energy-efficient and long-lasting. The LumaWarm heated nightlight toilet seat quickly and easily replaces any existing toilet seat and is adjustable for a perfect fit on any standard fixture. As with all Brondell toilet seats, the LumaWarm has a gentle-closing seat and lid with superior style and quality you won't find anywhere else. Don't lose any more sleep , get the LumaWarm today and start living in luxury and comfort.

Adjustable heated seat (three temperature settings). Illuminating nightlight (blue color). Long-lasting energy-efficient LED light bulb. Gentle-closing seat and lid. Simple, intuitive controls. Fits all standard toilet fixtures. Powered by standard GFCI wall outlet. Available in White or Biscuit.


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