Model Number:  S1200-RW

Brondell Swash 1200 Luxury Electric Bidet Seat for Round Toilet in White

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Join the Wash Don't Wipe Revolution with the Swash 1200 luxury bidet toilet seat. Made with the highest quality components and backed by Brondell's industry-leading customer service, the Swash 1200 bidet toilet seat is affordable luxury that easily installs on your existing toilet. Loaded with intelligent design features that provide a personalized experience the Swash 1200 is full of cutting edge technology and was designed specifically for North America.
    Hidden pocket for water and power connections. Illuminating Cool Blue Nightlight. Programmable user settings. One-touch auto mode. Swash 1200 Additional Features. Dual, positionable stainless-steel nozzles. Aerated wash spray with three spray width and three water pressure settings. Seven nozzle positions. Self-cleaning nozzles. Endless warm water heating system. Wireless remote control. Ergonomic heated seat with four temperature settings. Gentle-closing seat and lid. Sturdy sittable lid. Safety seat sensor. Automatic eco mode. Chrome 90-degree-elbow bidet hose.7/8" all-metal t-valve. Quick-release for easy seat removal and cleaning.


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