TOTO CWT994CEMFG#01 Toilet Specifications

  • Color/Finish: Cotton White
  • Product Type: Neorest
  • TOTO Collection: Neorest
  • Warranty: Manufacturer Three Year Limited
  • Material: Vitreous China, Plastic
  • Component Parts SKUs: CT994CEFG#01, WT174M, YT994#WH, SN994M#01
  • Item Length (in.): 34.25
  • Item Width (in.): 25.4
  • Item Height (in.): 52
  • Item Weight (lb.): 82
  • ADA Compliant: Yes
  • WaterSense Certified: Yes
  • CALGreen: Yes
  • CEC Compliant: Yes
  • Battery Included: Yes
  • Battery Type: Alkaline
  • Water Consumption (GPF): 0.9, 1.28
  • Flush Lever Location: Automatic
  • Flush Valve Size (in.): 2
  • Trapway Diameter (in.): 2

TOTO CWT994CEMFG#01 Toilet Support Documentation

TOTO CWT994CEMFG#01 Neorest EW Dual Flush Wall-Hung Toilet with Integrated Bidet Seat and eWater+, Cotton White

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The TOTO Neorest EW Dual Flush 1.28 or 0.9 GPF Wall-Hung Toilet with Integrated Bidet Seat and eWater+ combines revolutionary innovation with contemporary design. The Neorest features a sleek, skirted bowl, which makes for easier cleaning and provides a modern look.

The Neorest in-wall tank unit conserves space in your bathroom and allows you to adjust the rim height between 15 and 19 inches from the floor. The Neorest features TOTO's technologically advanced eWater+ system that mists the wand and toilet bowl, reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

The CEFIONTECT glaze, a layer of exceptionally smooth glaze, minimizes waste from sticking to the ceramic. The Neorest bowl features TOTO's 3D Tornado Flush, a hole-free rim design featuring three powerful nozzles that generate a centrifugal, cyclonic rinsing action.

The bidet functionality of the Neorest enables selection between a front cleanse, soft rear cleanse, or rear cleanse, with the option of oscillating or pulsating washing. The variable temperature and pressure settings allow you to adjust the warmth and intensity of the spray. The heated seat provides comfort, especially useful during the cold of winter. An automatic air deodorizer activates to hide unpleasantries.

The automatic Dual-Max flush will determine the necessary flush volume of 0.9 or 1.28 gallons per flush and begin as soon as you rise. When needed, the manual push button allows you to select between light and full flush with the push of a button. Includes Neorest top and bowl combination with Neorest in-wall tank unit and white glass push button plate.

TOTO CWT994CEMFG#01 Toilet Features and Overview

  • Neorest wall-hung toilet with in-wall tank unit conserves space in the bathroom
  • TOTO's extraordinarily smooth CEFIONTECT glaze minimizes waste from sticking to ceramic surfaces
  • 3D Tornado Flush provides a powerful centrifugal rinse
  • 0.9 or 1.28 GPF auto dual flush with back up manual flush
  • Heated seat for maximum comfort
  • Sensor operated, auto open and close lid detects the user
  • Automatic air deodorizer removes odors while sitting on the seat
  • Tankless, instantaneous water heating means never running out of warm water
  • Front and rear warm water washing with oscillating or pulsing stream option
  • Premist wets the surface of the toilet bowl, aiding in the removal of waste and resulting in a better clean.
  • eWater+ mists the wand and toilet bowl, reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • ADA Compliant and WaterSense certified