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There are few things less appealing than getting out of your warm, cozy bed after a good night’s rest. Sliding out from under the covers, stumbling into your bathroom, eyes half open, fumbling for the light switch. Unless you are one of the lucky few, you are likely walking into a cold bathroom – cold bathroom floor, cold toilet seat, cold towels etc. This doesn’t have to be the case. Imagine what it would be like to have a beautiful and highly functional towel warmer or a heated towel rack from our partners at AMBA. Below is an inspiring and relatable real-life account they shared with us.


Amba Quadro Towel Warmer


Atlanta resident Todd K. was first inspired to install heated towel racks while renovating a circa-1890 summer beach cottage in Nantucket, Massachusetts. The inspiration came from his travels throughout Europe, where the units have been commonplace for a while now. As the vacation retreat was more than 100 years old, the structure had no central heating, ventilation, or air conditioning.


Amba towel warmer


Natuaraly, the lack of HVAC led to a damp and mildew-prone environment. As the property was a beach cottage, the family used an abundance of towels throughout the day. The towels required constant laundering as they never dried thoroughly; adding to the laundry list were the family’s four-legged members. Dog lovers know most pups take extreme pleasure in tracking dirt, sand, and other outdoor elements inside.

To alleviate the constant towel-laundering problem, and keep the cottage clean and free of doggie debris (and smells), the homeowner installed Amba heated towel racks in all bathrooms, as well as the mudroom. The results were instant; the family’s towel-laundering needs were cut in half. The rack in the mudroom was also a great success, allowing the dogs to be cleaned up before entering the house and functioning to dry beach towels for reuse the following day. The racks extended the lifespan of the family linens because their towels now avoided the constant wear and tear of the washing machine.


AMBA Black towel warmers


Saving time and water were not the only benefits enjoyed by those visiting the cottage. According to Todd, the heated rack afforded family members and guests a sense of hotel-like luxury! 

Bath4All is proud to bring the feel of this warm luxury to your home with a full line of AMBA Towel Warmers, Heated Towel Racks and other associated comfort products.

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