About Us

At Bath4All – we know bathrooms.

And you know bathrooms too, – after all, an average American spends a total of almost 2 years of their life in the facilities. Shaving, showering, brushing hair, reading War & Peace... it all adds up to a substantial part of your daily routine. We’re here to elevate the quality of that time through offering products that exemplify comfort, performance and reliability, making a statement of pleasing and essential cleanliness in your home, or those of your clients’. And like with many things personal, – your kitchen and bathroom go well beyond the things that they are; think to the time you found yourself in a pristine gleaming bathroom, with fluffy warm towels, smooth quiet faucets, and thoughtfully positioned lighting, reflecting at just the right angle off of a spotless mirror. Think about the surfaces that invite your look and touch, making the thought of any dirt fundamentally absent... wouldn't you like to nurture and share that feeling every time you have guests over?

Bath4All is proud to cater to both – innovative homeowners and power professionals. Our selection of Kitchen and Bath plumbing and building products, coordinated appliances and matching accessories offers the strongest combinations of quality and value from the industry's leading innovators. Whether you’re renovating your condo, or reading an architect’s spec sheet, we will point you in the right, peer-reviewed direction for achieving exceptional level of fulfillment, and entrepreneurial success.

Aside from offering our expertise in distinctive design, we are committed to packaging it within the context of streamlined user experience, and paramount human-centered customer service. With your help, Bath4All aims at becoming the go-to source for splendor and joy in everyday health and hygiene practices. We welcome you to engage in conversations, and we will do our best to assist you. By working within the largest distribution networks for commercial and residential plumbing, we have access to cutting-edge technology and professional logistical solutions ready to build bridges between world’s top manufacturers and the canvas that is your home, or professional passion.

Browse through our inventory of exceptional bathroom and kitchen sinks, faucets, tubs, toilets, shower systems and more, even if for sheer inspiration… Oh, and if you're like us, and get some of your best ideas in the shower, get yourself this waterproof notepad!

Our Address: 712 S. 12th St., Philadelphia PA 19147
Our Phone Number: 888.626-2284
Our Email: info@bath4all.com