Brondell Swash Select EM617 Rounded Electronic Bidet Overview

Eco Mode automatically lowers the water and seat temperature until your Swash Select is ready for use. 27,000 trees are lost daily, including 37 gallons of water needed to produce just one toilet paper roll. That same amount of water equals to nearly 150 washes from our Eco-friendly bidet seats. The benefits are obvious for your savings, and the environment.

The Lite-Touch remote gives you full control of all settings and features, including Adjustable Water Temperature and Pressure comfort levels, Pulse wash pattern, Seat Temperature and Indicator, Warm Air Dryer, plus two personal User Memory settings, to save your favorite comfort preferences for a personal tailored cleansing experience, every day and on-demand.

  • Stainless steel, self-cleaning nozzle provides durability and superior hygiene over plastic
  • Warm air dryer drastically reduces or even eliminates the need for toilet paper
  • Positionable nozzle has 5 different positions to choose from, and 5 levels of water pressure for a custom clean
  • Warm water wash via the hybrid heating technology with 4 temperature levels to choose from
  • Dedicated front and rear wash for added hygiene
  • Multiple wash modes, strong and soft with aerated spray for comfort
  • Slow close lid and seat, and lid is sittable
  • Comfortable warm heated seat with 4 temperature levels to choose from
  • Cool blue nightlight
  • Wireless remote control with holster
  • Programmable memory settings for 2 users
  • Quick release button for easy cleaning
  • Easy do it yourself installation, with all parts included, no plumber needed
  • Can be self-installed on toilets with mounting bolt spread of 4.72 in. - 8.27 in.

Brondell Swash Select EM617 Electronic Bidet Seat for Rounded Toilets in White with Warm Air Dryer

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The Swash Select EM617 Advanced Bidet Seat offers high-end customizable features at an affordable price. It's built to give you a modern cleaning experience, boasting a hygienic self-cleaning Stainless Steel Nozzle, Ergonomic Heated Seat, Warm Air Dryer, Adjustable Water Temperature and Pressure, and a soothing Illuminating Nightlight to guide you during midnight trips to the bathroom. You also have the option to save money and energy with the available Eco Mode. Upgrade your lifestyle and experience the future of personal hygiene today.

Brondell's Swash EM617 is an advanced bidet toilet seat equipped with a positionable stainless steel wash nozzle, multiple wash modes, customizable temperature and pressure settings, warm air dryer, heated seat, remote control, nightlight, programmable user settings and much more!

The Swash Select EM617 features a self-cleaning Stainless Steel Nozzle for daily ultra-hygienic cleansing. By combining settings like Adjustable Water Temperature and Pressure, Positionable Nozzle, Nozzle Oscillation, Pulse and massage options, and a continuous heated water stream, you get a shower-like cleansing for your personal relief with a touch of class and indulgence.

The Ergonomic Heated Seat offers four temperature settings, lights your path and protects your eyesight from sudden light changes with a soothing cool-blue Illuminating Nightlight, perfect for the wee hours of the morning. Plus, the cozy Warm Air Dryer includes five levels of comfort to choose from on a whim, for a true hands-free cleaning, or a well deserved pampering.

With the available Gentle or Strong Wash functions, you control the level of cleansing you need. These functions also come in handy when there's irritation, abrasions or medical conditions that are easily aggravated with the friction of toilet paper against sensitive skin. Posterior and Feminine wash also provide the freedom to adjust cleansing to individual needs.

  • Included: Battery, Bolts, Complete Kit, Hardware, Mounting Kit, Remote Control, Supply Lines, T Valve Connector
  • Features: Adjustable Aerated Wash Spray, Adjustable Nozzle, Adjustable Water Pressure, Feminine Wash, Lighted, Posterior Wash, Remote Control Operation, Soft Close, Stainless Steel Nozzle, Warm Air Dryer, Warm Water Wash
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the first year from original date of purchase.

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