Shower Benches & Seating

Shower benches can serve many purposes – from enabling accessibility for people with limited mobility, to basic everyday comfort, to decoration and extra storage space. A shower seat could just be a comfy spot to shave your legs, or maybe to just sit and relax under a soothing warm stream of water.

Wooden benches are appealing because they're functional and bring natural texture to your shower space. Teak wood has high oil content and tight grain that makes it exceptionally suitable for exposure to water. Bamboo is extremely versatile and has become popular for making laminate flooring, cabinetry, and furniture. It is highly weather resistant, but must be treated to resist insects and rot. Mold can be an issue which means it requires more cleaning than teak.

Metal and plastic benches are more practical than attractive. Visually they often carry a medical "flavor", but if you don't care about the looks and simply need a seat that's lightweight and adjustable, then they're for you. They require the least amount of effort to maintain.

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