TOTO TLE05701U Thermostatic Mixing Valve Features & Specifications

  • Below deck thermostatic mixing valve allowing water temperature adjustment up to 120-degrees F (49-degrees C).
  • Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) technology adjusts water temperature very quickly to effectively avoid scalding water.
  • G 1/2" (1/2" NPSM compatible) threaded fittings.
  • Low-lead solid brass construction.
  • Equipped with integral check valves and debris screens for back flow and cross flow prevention.

For EcoPower or AC system faucet kits ending with -ET and -AT.

TOTO TLE05701U Thermostatic Mixing Valve for Touchless Public Bathroom Faucets

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The TOTO Thermostatic Mixing Valve for touchless public bathroom faucets is designed for use with select TOTO touchless controllers. The valve allows hot and cold water mixing to be delivered to the single supply faucet controller. TOTO's Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) coil responds to temperature changes more quickly than traditional wax-based systems, offering a more reliable and enjoyable washing experience. Installed below deck using G 1/2", NPSM compatible fittings.

TOTO TLE05701U Thermostatic Mixing Valve Support Documentation