Broan Nutone 6" Universal Automatic Make-Up Air Damper with Pressure Sensor Kit

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Rest assured that your home isn't being unnecessarily infiltrated by outside air while a connected fan or hood is off. Also useful to keep unwanted gases, smoke and particulate from fireplaces and water heaters to a minimum. This universal automatic make-up air damper is a durable, easy to install in new construction and retrofit applications and helps maintain an ideal pressure within your home for a constant comfortable environment.

Pressure Sensor Kit: Efficient and easy to use, the pressure sensor kit enables the damper to automatically open when exhaust fans are activated. This automatic damper helps meet IRC Code M1503.4 which requires make-up air to replace air that is exhausted in excess of 400 CFM, making it an economical and smart choice for most venting systems.

  • Provides interlocked damper operation to keep outside air from entering
  • Includes transformer, pressure switch kit, and motorized damper
  • Automatically opens when exhaust fans are activated
  • Air leakage minimized by durable foam seal
  • For use with any Broan or Best hood that operates at over 400 CFM


  • Duct Size: 6 Inches Round
  • Voltage: 24
  • Frequency: 60 Hertz
  • For use with exhaust fans and hoods over 400 CFM

Broan was founded on the simple goal of providing innovative and superior products for its customers. Founded back in 1932, Broan has grown to become North America's largest producer of residential ventilation products. This includes range hoods, ventilation fans, and indoor air quality products. Today, Broan fulfills its goals by offering top quality products at affordable prices.

Broan NuTone